Dear Summerlin Home Owners,

This Website will serve as a tool to not only disburse important information to all of you, but to also bring the community closer together.  We hope that you will use this website frequently and that you will help us improve its content and use.  Since we have launched this site, we are focusing on providing you with just the most relevant information that you will need. 

Here is a brief description of what each of the pages listed above will include

Board Members:  This page will contain information on each of the 5 board members and the duties of the office to which they have been assigned.

Newsletters:  Our goal is to produce a newsletter once every quarter.  We will keep an archived record of all the newsletters for you to reference as needed. 

Pool Safety Rules:  Safety is everyone's responsibility and therefore we felt it was important to draw special attention to this topic.  We have developed some general and specific guidelines for all to follow so that all of us can enjoy this nice facility while practicing safety.

Forms:  This page will contain all relevant documents that you may need as a home owner, including improvement forms, bylaws and other important documents.

Contact Us:  This page contains contact information for you to contact relevant resource

Calendar:  This page will contain information for important events coming up including upcoming community meetings, upcoming board meetings, and other community events such as the annual community garage sales.

Liberty Township WebsitePlease check this website for local news and events around Liberty Township.

We hope that you will like this new website and that you will take the time to provide us positive and constructive feedback to make this website and our community even better.


Summerlin HOA Board Members,

Doris Osborne, Rick Maurer, Cecilia Bosticco, Eric King, Marilyn Miller